Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gravlax, part two

So after serval days of hanging out in the frig it's time to unwrap the Gravlax and slice it. Open the package over the sink. You'll notice the skill has become stiff and the meat of the fish is firm. Wash off the salt mix under cool water. I have a garbage disposal so I'm not worried about my drain clogging.

You can see from the side shot about the fish has shrunken down in thickness.
Get the sharpest knife you have and sharpen it before you slice the fish. Don't forget to wash the knife after you sharpen it. I like to remove the fish skin for easier slicing. I also remove the darker meat because I find it affects the flavor of the fish in a way I don't like.
Slice a bit less then a quarter of an inch at a diagonal to get it started. Toss that little piece out, it's thick and saltier then we want the fish to be.
Take your time and run your knife from tip to hilt to aid in getting a thin slice. We're still cutting on a diagonal. They don't have to look perfect they just have to be as thin as possible
Have a piece of wrap laid out to lay the slices on and wrap them up. I once made the mistake of using aluminum foil, trust me don't do it. The next day your fish will taste like metal.
Here's a close up of what you're fish should look like sliced. Notice the fish is now darker in color and no fatty lines are running through it. The piece of salmon I bought was maybe ticker then I would have liked, try to find a piece with an average thickness.
As for ways to eat it, I like to eat it straight. On a bagel with some sliced red onion and cream cheese is good. It's great with eggs Benedict as a substitute for the Canadian bacon. Enjoy!

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